Monday, July 23, 2012

Last night we pinned a rose on another happy Bachelorette couple. We wish Emily and Jef a uture illed with un, amily and a lot of good ortune!

But now, lets take a walk down memory lane and see how long our past contestants have lived happily, or not so happily for-a-few-months after...

Here is a breakdown of all sixteen seasons of the Bachelor and eight seasons of the Bachelorette and the length of time before each rose wilted, or didn't! (I have added approximately 2 months to each couple who made it to the air date of the finale to account for the time lapsed between filming and airing).

As you can see, the girls are the winners here too! With Trista and Ryan as an outlier, skewing the stats considerably, the Bachelorettes average 21 months for their relationships while the boys average only 8.6 months. (I did not count Jason and Molly Mesnick in this because, come on, that doesn't count...even though I like both of them a lot and am very happy for them.)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hey there T.V. fans!

As a connoisseur of all things Bachelor and Bachelorettes I am here to answer your burning questions about our favorite singles looking for love on Monday nights on ABC. With a weirdly encyclopedic memory for the odd details about the show, I will update this blog with as many random trivia facts and stats about the current and recent seasons of both the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises as I can think of. Please feel free to post questions such as, "What is the earliest anyone has ever told the Bachelor/ette that they love them?" or "How does the Bachelorette get the roses to stick on the guys' lapels at the rose ceremony?"

Other things to look forward to include the rules for our Fantasy Suite game. Start a league and draft contestants to earn points for everything from pre-rose ceremony roses, helicopter rides and shots in the hot-tub, or lose points if you are picked for the dreaded two-on-one date. You could also choose to play the villain and win points for every time another player questions if you are "there for the right reasons."

Our first question comes from Somerville, MA where K.M. asks, "How many times has the winner of the "First Impression Rose" made it to the finale?"

And the answer is: Not as many as you might think!

In the sixteen seasons of the Bachelor, twelve have featured the FIR (the practice began in season 5). In no season of the male version of the franchise has the winner of the FIR ever won and only three have ever made it to the finale - 1) Jenni in Brad's first season, 2) Tenley in Jake's season and most recently, 3) Lindzi in Ben's season.

The women's track record is a little bit better. In the seven seasons that have featured the FIR, two winners have made it to the finale, and both have gone on to win it all. In season four, Jesse Csincsak received one of three FIRs handed out by DeAnna Pappas, and in season six, none other than our own Mr. Dimples himself, Roberto Martinez flashed that perfect grin and danced his way into Ali's heart even before he put on that baseball uniform. In both of these cases, unfortunately, the love didn't last.

Here's a table representation, because I'm really cool....

Thanks for asking K.M! Keep the questions coming by emailing me at!